The Text-based RPG Game Engine

TextStorm FAQ!

What is TextStorm?

TextStorm is a Text-based RPG Game Engine.

What does TextStorm do?

TextStorm allows both developers and non-developers to create a text-based RPG using a plugin-based system.

How can I use it?

Plugins written by us or yourself can be activated/modified to help you create your game!

Do I need to know PHP or HTML/CSS?

No. Our game engine is non-developer friendly. Though if you do, you can write your own plugins!

How do I install the engine?

The TextStorm pack includes an installer to help you set the game engine up simply and quickly!

How do I create my game?

Once the game engine is installed, use the administration panel to turn plugins on/off, change the theme, change settings and modify your game the way you want!