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schedule_development - TextStorm Wiki

The Wiki is still in development, please bare with us while we add and update content.

Schedule Development

This page will cover the requirements for developing SchedMan schedules and activating them.

Important Notes

Please make sure you have set up your Cron Job as specified when you first installed the game engine, if you have not set up a Cron Job, SchedMan and some other features such as Auctions may not work correctly.

The $db database object is available to use in all schedules.

You will not be able to instantiate the User class or use any functions with schedules.

Schedule Structure

Start with the below code structure and add your own code underneath the “Put your schedule code here” comment:

if($caller) {
        //change this to your schedule reference (set-up in SchedMan GUI)
	$schedref = "AUC1";
        //Put your schedule code here
        //This tells SchedMan the schedule has finished running
        //set $count to the number of rows you have updated ($queryresult->rowCount();) it will store how many rows were affected the last time the schedule ran
	$db->query("UPDATE scheduler SET rowsaff = '$count', running = '0' WHERE schedref = '$schedref'");

The below code is an example of a simple schedule to clear down old Administration Panel logs:

if($caller) {
	$schedref = "LOG1";
	$date = date("Y-m-d");
	$dategen = new DateTime($date);
	$dategen->modify('-30 day');
	$deldate = $dategen->format('Y-m-d');
	$del = $db->query("DELETE FROM panel_logs WHERE logdate < '$deldate'");
	$count = $del->rowCount();
	$db->query("UPDATE scheduler SET rowsaff = '$count' WHERE schedref = '$schedref'");

Adding a Schedule to SchedMan

Navigate to SchedMan and go to the “Create” page. You should see something similar to below.

To add the schedule fill the boxes in with the following values:

SchedRef: The schedule reference you assigned to $schedref in the code

Description: A description of what the schedule does

File: Put the PHP file for the schedule you've developed in the following location - - put the name of the file in the box (example.php)

Time To Add: Enter how often you would like the schedule to run in Minutes

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